Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Network Marketing Smokescreens


Are you a victim of pay plan smokescreens?
Have you encountered payplans with the terms"weak leg", "leg balancing" or "flushing volume"?
This is the terminology that's used to mask the theft of the commission money that will NOT be paid to the part-timer, the "little guy".
This is the smokescreen terminology of the binary pay plan, where money is taken from the average person and funneled up to the "heavy hitters" or back to the company.
They recruit people by flashing the big checks...the checks that most people will NEVER earn.

Network marketing companies brag that they pay on so many levels.The question is, are YOU actually paid on all those levels? What does it take to qualify?
Usually, you'll need some astronomical Group that is only ever achieved by a very, very few people.

Most people will NEVER get there!

Welcome to the Networker's world of ILLUSION!

Does your Networking pay plan depend on you sponsoring an astronomically large number of people who must then achieve some astronomical personal Group Volume themselves?
Most people will NEVER get there!
And most people will NEVER be paid on all the levels the company "says" they pay on.
Welcome to the Networker's land of Smoke and Mirrors!
This is where most people have an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM that will NEVER happen!
It's based on illusion and deception.
Most Networkers struggle with these impossible Group Volume requirements until they finally realize they will NEVER make it.
And they give up.

The bigger tragedy is that probably half of those who do work hard to reach the requirements, cannot MAINTAIN those absurd requirements once they get there, and they quit too.
This Group Volume nightmare leads to the inevitable conclusion, and these frustrated networkers eventually just give up and quit.

Here's the bottom line:
Group Volume requirements produce dropouts.
High Group Volume requirements equals high dropouts.

What if a company had a pay plan without any Group Volume requirements or qualifications?
A pay plan that pays you on all levels, with no hoops to jump through.
With no "IMPOSSIBLE DREAM" ladders to climb.
With no pay plan smokescreens that restrict the average personto only being paid on 2 levels, while the company is advertising that they pay on many more levels.
What if there were a pay plan with no illusions or deception?

The Liberty Health Net pay plan pays 5 levels deep.
It's totally free of illusion, deception, or smoke and mirrors.
There are No Group Volume requirements.
No positions to achieve, no mirage-like "bonus pools" and no hype.
It's a Networkers Dream!
Call me at 1-603-764-9136

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Beginning

I could hardly believe it! A home based business for only $17.97 per month. It's called Liberty Health Net.

Liberty Health Net is a 6 year old Company, currently in 64 countries. They pay through a 4X5 Matrix. There are no Group Volume requirements.

The products are superior Nutritional health, weight loss, and Skin Care.

What's really neat is the Power Tool "feeder" program - Eorbiter.
Eorbiter provides a comprehensive business building system that includes website, lead capture pages, autoresponder, autoresponder letters, traffic builder, plus a back office. Included in the $17.97 is product with shipping. As this builds to two people, you are fed into Liberty Health Net with no additional cost.

Since we provide free leads for our Team, this is a "slam dunk" for anyone willing to work. It's really very easy to bring people in, when their total monthly cost is only $17.97.

Our Team provides seven weekly opportunity calls and two training calls.

Marge 1-603-764-9136